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M started working with Beth when he was 18 months old. He has Spina Bifida. She was able to push him to limits no one else could, and M didn’t even realize the hard work he was doing as she made everything fun and did it as a game. She always challenges him and has him do things none of us think he can. She is always positive and has M’s best interest at heart. When M first started seeing Beth he could barely bare any weight on his legs, now he is running and not looking back!
— TN
Beth has worked with both of our sons for their gross motor and sensory delays. She is one of the most talented and devoted therapists we have encountered in our early intervention journey. Our boys made great progress under her care - building their strength, endurance, range, and skills but also their confidence and resilience. Beth is the epitome of a dedicated therapist - she has a wide range of evidence-based approaches in her therapeutic repertoire and creatively caters her care to each child’s unique needs (our boys’ presentations are very different!). She never gives up or gets discouraged if one approach doesn’t work out, providing alternatives and even drawing from interdisciplinary lenses when necessary. Her dedication to her work is inspiring and kept us motivated throughout the emotional rollercoaster that is a special needs family – she truly seeks to achieve the best results possible. More importantly, our boys loved working with Beth because she knows how to make hard work fun. Beth is skilled at working through behaviors and making every session productive. Beth also teachers parents how to carry over techniques at home and has opened our eyes to many small and seemingly minute skills that have great motor significance. We are forever grateful for her love and care with our boys, it has meant the world to have her on our therapy team.
— AL
After the birth of my daughter, I began to experience some urinary incontinence. When I first started going to Beth, I was waking up in the middle of the night to urinate, I was not able to fully empty my bladder (leading to constant feeling of needing to urinate), and any high impact workout (jumping/running) would cause embarrassing leakage. After just two sessions, I was already seeing results—I was able to sleep through the night and the constant need to urinate was greatly reduced. I have been working with Beth for ten weeks now and am impressed by the results. In addition to being confident I can do things without peeing on myself (always a great feeling!), my stomach is flatter and more toned than I thought it could be five months after delivering a baby—it looks the same as (and possibly more toned than) it did before I got pregnant. I highly recommend Beth and especially appreciate that I was able to bring my daughter to our sessions if I did not have childcare. J.S.